- Activities og Attractions -

Around Atna camping you will find great norwegian nature with a lot of possibilities

Sollia og Rondane

From Atna it’s not fare to Sollia and the edge of Rondane with a lot ot trip possibilities .

Cross Country

Wintertime you can go cross country in great nature in Ringebufjellet, Venabygdsfjellet or Hanestadkjølen.

 In all places you will find cross country tracks.

If you want to make a eveningtrip, there is 3 kilometres  with lights at the sports ground, by the camping. 

Sollia Kirke and Sohlbergsplassen

If you are in Sollia, might a trip to beatiful Sollia church be a nice visit, and also visit

Sohlbergsplassen , the place where Harald Sohlberg painted the famous norwegian painting «Vinternatt iRondane».


Another spectacular place nearby our camping is Jutulhogget, the great canyon of north europe.


If you want go fishing, there is a lot of good possibilities. There is only a few metres to Glomma from camp site. If you 

want to try fishing other places we recommend Atnavassdraget, Ringebufjellet,

Harsjøen and not at least the trip to the only place in Norway inland fishing village, Fiskevollen in Rendalen.

 If you want to check out the possibilites to go fishing and by fishing licens, check out

50’s diner Glopheim Kafe

Want a coffe ? Take a trip to Atna centrum to the diner at Glopheim Kafe , with a 50’s theme.

- Other attractions in Hedmark -

Norsk skogmuseum Elverum

Norsk Elgsenter Evenstad

Aukrustmuseet Alvdal

Verdensarvstedet Røros – Gruvehistorie