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17. november 2019



Employees from Lithuania and Ukraine

12. november 2019

Dear sir / Madam, Sick and tired of hiring process? We already live in the future. Shouldn’t your business? These days staffing is not the same as it used to be – finding and keeping good employees is a job at itself. With our services you can forget about CVs, evaluations and interviews – it will be our job to find the people you need when you need them. Personnel leasing A service created to easily solve all the problems that hiring process causes – from staff selection to hiring procedures. Payroll Payroll gives you opportunity to save time and focus on the core values of your business. Contracting An easy way to get things done – employees come at the time they are needed the most to complete particular tasks. CONTACT US: Tel. +370 631 14434 Aiste info@hiregruppe.com http://www.hiregruppe.com/


Short term investments with maximum profit in international funds!

10. november 2019

How to avoid risks and get the maximum return on your investment? There is a better solution! Short-term investments with maximum profit! Investment period 2 days. Profit from investing + 10% Registration for the international investment fund is available on the official website: https://www.crypto-mmm.com/?source=ebtc


Premium Organic traffic

4. november 2019

Premium organic Social Traffic with very low bounce rate (5%-25%). What makes this traffic to have such a low bounce rate? We all know organic social traffic has a lower bounce rate than any other traffic out there, in addition to that our traffic is highly targeted, which makes visits stay longer on the website and thus the chance of engagement is considerably higher. Run your traffic campaigns with us: https://www.monkeydigital.co/product/premium-website-traffic/ Thank you Monkey Digital Team support@monkeydigital.co


A new method of email distribution.

29. oktober 2019

Good day! atnacamping.no Have you ever heard of sending messages via feedback forms? Imagine that your letter will be readread by hundreds of thousands of your future buyerscustomers. Your message will not go to the spam folder because people will send the message to themselves. As an example, we have sent you our offer in the same way. We have a database of more than 35 million sites to which we can send your offer. Sites are sorted by country. Unfortunately, you can only select a country when sending a offer. The price of one million messages 49 USD. There is a discount program when you purchase more than two million letter packages. Free trial mailing of 50,000 messages to any country of your choice. This letter is created automatically. Please use the contact details below to contact us. Contact us. Telegram – @FeedbackFormEU Skype FeedbackForm2019 Email – feedbackform@make-success.com



29. oktober 2019

早在1989年,人类就了解了MMM,然后为全人类提供了实现其财务目标的机会。 现在,MMM是拥有巨大资源和功能的最大的国际加密货币公司“ Crypto MMM”。 今天,拥有加密货币的每个人都可以成为全球Crypto MMM项目的成员,并开始与区块链社区的所有参与者一起赚钱。 在短短2天内,MMM会向其成员支付该项目的10%的投资。 但是,即使没有投资,MMM仍然可以通过独特而慷慨的多层次会员计划,邀请新的参与者加入该项目,从而每天赚取9%的收益。 通过区块链社区“ Crypto MMM”赚钱 在官方网站上的Crypto MMM中注册:  https://www.crypto-mmm.com/?source=btcm


Attention Pls

25. oktober 2019

We are most delighted in partnering with you, and we intend to maintain a Silent/Financial Position with your Company as we look forward to a prospective business relationship. I am Mrs. Suhayba Ammar, wife of the brother of former Sudanese president Al-Bashir. I came across your website and decided to message you alone in respect of a confidential financial transaction which might be of interest to you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon on aritcree@gmail.com Regards, Mrs. Suhayba Ammar.


Your Alternate Funding Source!

16. oktober 2019

Is your business in need of a financial intervention? Are you looking for working capital to expand your business? Do you lack the capacity to implement a capital project? We have an excess pool in private funds for viable project financing, we also offer all kinds of Personal and Business loans with interest rates as low as 2.5%, flexible long term repayment options and a standard 24 months moratorium on principal repayments. More so, we are not limited by geographic location, hence your location is no barrier to our funding. Do visit us to start your funding process now https://www.lendingcltd.com/apply.html Naeem Tabassum. MD/CEO Lending Circle circlelending13@gmail.com


CCTV for your home/office

15. oktober 2019

Dear Customer, Are you satisfied with your current CCTV on quality and service? Tired of cameras that always broke down easily? Don’t worry, We manufacture High-Definition Security Surveillance Systems for Residential & Commercial uses. All our cameras are metal weatherproof and comes with sony sensor for maximum quality. IPcam video quality: https://youtu.be/VPG82dnXfWY +44 330-024-0982 +1 866-655-7056 +91 96508-01219 +65 6678-6557 Email: sales@revlightsecurity.com W: http://www.revlightsecurity.com/ Have a nice day! 🙂 regards, Jessie Chang 7 Temasek Boulevard, Level 32, Suntec Tower One, Singapore 038987


unique domains backlinks package

11. oktober 2019

When you order 1000 backlinks with this service you get 1000 unique domains, Only receive 1 backlinks from each domain. All domains come with DA above 15-20 and with actual page high PA values. Simple yet very effective service to improve your linkbase and SEO metrics. Order this great service from here today: https://monkeydigital.co/product/unique-domains-backlinks/ Multiple offers available thanks and regards Mike support@monkeydigital.co




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