Year: 2020

Prices 2024

Cabins, all prices are per night


  • Cabin 2: max 5 persons 2 single + 1 bunk bed + sofa bed, Has its own WC and shower 20m. away - kr .850-

  • Cabin 3: max 2 persons 2 single beds - NOK 550

  • Cabin 4: max 4 persons 2 bunk beds - NOK 650

  • Cabin 7: max 2 persons 2 single beds - NOK 550

  • Cabin 8: max 3 persons. Separate bedroom with 1 single bed + 1 bunk bed - NOK 750

  • Cabin 9: max 3 persons. Separate bedroom with 1 single bed + 1 bunk bed - NOK 750.-

  • Stabburet: max 4 persons. Separate bedroom with 3 single beds + sofa bed in the living room - NOK 650

  • Atnabua: max 5 persons 1 bunk bed, 1 single bed, 1 guest bed + sofa bed - NOK 850

  • Kårboligen: max 6 persons 2 bedrooms, 1 family bunk + 1 double bed + sofa bed - NOK 1200


Camping, all prices are per night


  • Caravan or motorhome incl electricity NOK 350.-

  • Car, motorcycle or bicycle with tent NOK 200


Seasonal prices excluding electricity (electricity is NOK 2.50 per kWh)


  • Summer: 01.05.2024 - 30.09.2024 kr 6000.-

  • Winter: 01.10.2023 - 30.04.2024 kr 3000.-


There are duvets and pillows in all cabins. The use of bed linen is mandatory. You can of course bring your own bedding, or rent it at the reception at a price of NOK 100 per set.

Guests must do the final cleaning of the cabins themselves.

If you want us to clean the cabin, this will cost

  • NOK 300 for cabins 3, 4 and 7

  • NOK 400 for cabin 8 and 9

  • NOK 500 for cabin 2, Kårboligen, Stabburet and Atnabua.


Notes: All prices are inclusive of 12% VAT, all prices adjust per 1.1


The square has 75 acres that accommodate 7 cabins and 100 caravans in addition to tent sites. We still have some vacancies for permanent residents.

Atna Camping has a large playground for the little ones, and is close to the forest with the toy and activity opportunities found there. 

Sometimes both deer and moose come past the square.

During the summer season we sell coffee, ice cream and other drinks in the kiosk. If you need additional purchases, it is not far to Matkroken - Atna in the center

Atna camping wifi opportunity throughout the place. 

In connection with our sanitary facilities you will find washing machine.

We offer a shuttle service on request to and from Atna Station if you come here by train.

Rules for fishing

The Atnavassdraget stretches from Atnas outlet in Glomma at Atna and all the way under / in Rondane National Park. Varying along the watercourse, from barren mountain areas with little vegetation to the still-floating river in the Atnsjø ants. Lake Atn is majestically beneath Rondane. Nedre Atna takes over and goes in more rapids and small waterfalls down to Glomma.

General fishing rules
 Fishing licenses must be redeemed before the fishing takes place.
 Living organisms are not allowed to transfer from one watercourse to another.
 Ear-kyte, dead or alive, is forbidden to use as bait.
 Rod fishing is permitted from ice solution and lasts until 15 September, when rescue begins.
 Ice fishing starts on 1 December and lasts until the ice runs, most often this has been around 10 May.
 Fishing with otters is allowed for everyone on Finnsjøen during the entire fishing period.
 Otter fishing for non-living persons is allowed on Lake Atnsjøen in July. This applies only when resolving season passes.
 Otter fishing for non-living persons is allowed on the Sentence throughout the season. This applies only when resolving season passes.
 Fishing from inland is prohibited without the landowner's permission.
 The catch report shall be submitted to Atna Fiskeforening after the end of fishing.
 Violations of fishing rules will be reported.
 Yarn fishing for out-of-town residents is permitted on The Sentence and Finnsjøen. This requires a separate yarn card. Up to 10 yarns can be put, with at least half of the mesh width 26 or less. Fishing time for the Sentence: From the ice runs-30 June and 1.aug-15.sept, as well as from 1 December until the ice passes (net under the ice). Fishing time for Finnsjøen: From the ice runs until 15.sept, as well as from 1 December until the ice passes (net under the ice). It is forbidden to have nets standing in the water between 10:00 – 16:00. Yarn should be standard bottom yarn up to 2 meters depth / 25 meters length, and be clearly marked with the owner's name and address. Unmarked nets are taken up by the fish watch.

Further information can be found here:

Mountain rules

  1. Plan your trip and report where you're going
  2. Customize your trip to your ability and conditions
  3. Observe weather and avalanche warnings
  4. Be prepared for storms and cold, even on short trips
  5. Bring the necessary equipment to help yourself and others
  6. Make safe road choices. Recognize avalanche-hazardous terrain and unsafe ice
  7. Use a map and compass. Always know where you are
  8. Turn in time, there is no shame in turning
  9. Save on the powers and seek shelter if necessary

Are you going for a bike ride? :)

The area around Atna has many nice trips for bicycles. Friisvegen is great. Round trips can be made From Atna via Vinjevegen, to Trønnes and then the road on the east side of Glomma to ungå RV3, possibly a longer trip via Imsdalen to Imsroa. The long trip can be laid via Ringebu and then Venabygdsfjellet back, down to Enden and Atnadalen back to Atna Camping.

Clothing adapted to the weather
Tent if one wants to make it a trip with accommodation
Food, drink, primus or the like (remember the fire ban).